Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How I Prep at 3 Weeks Out

When it's less than a month away, I think it's best to countdown to the con every Wednesday. After all, come Thursday morning, I'm not going to be able to focus on doing anything else. So, from today, it's exactly 3 weeks away and I've started some prep work to ensure I can have yet another wonderful experience at D*C '11. I think everyone should do the first three. The others are for my own personal vanity :D

1. Sleep on a schedule that will be similar to what you'll do over the D*C weekend. For me, that means sleeping around 1am and waking up by 8am at the latest. I want to maximize my time at con, not losing any of it to oversleeping, being drowsy during the day, or partying too hard.

2. Start a walking routine. Go at a pretty fast pace, but something you can maintain for about 20-30 mins. You're going to walk at least a few miles at con, so start getting your joints and muscles ready for it. And for my fellow back pain sufferers, incorporate a few minutes of planks and superman stretches. Hold each for about 30-60 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.

3. Start your supplies shopping. This can range from anything you may need to mend costumes, to basic OTC meds, to snacks you'll be bringing. Be sure to think about how you'll pack and transport your belongings too. Those flying in should consider mailing a package to your hotel. They'll usually hold items until your arrival for a small fee, and some of them mail it back out for you too (since delivery services are closed on Labor Day).

4. I normally wear glasses, but I'll use contacts for that weekend. It's best to gradually increase how many hours you wear them. I'll wear mine every other day, and keep a bottle of eye drops on hand regardless. Even the most comfortable pair will get dry after half a day of costume watching, so the paranoid parrot in me brings an extra pair to start a fresh rotation when this happens.

5. Whitening teeth. I've used the basic strips from Crest and they've had great results. Then again, I don't smoke or drink lots of coffee. Now I'll warn you that your teeth will get sensitive after a few days, so you may have to cut it down to one treatment a day instead of the recommended two a day. Of course, extra dental care is good too. At least brush twice a day, floss, and use mouthwash. You'll be able to smile pretty for a photo op with your favorite guest! Lookin' at you, Autumn Reeser <3 !

6. Haircut and highlights. I think my hair looks best about 2-3 weeks after being cut, so I'm planning a trip to my stylist accordingly. Having brown highlights also works for one of my planned costumes, not to mention I loved the results last year.


  1. I like your suggestions for all of DragonCon.
    Keep up the good work. I found your DC blog thru DragonCon Forums.


  2. Thanks for this blog.
    Just one more does the Walk of Fame autograph work?
    Do they do it after their panels?
    Do they have time frame when they are there?
    I just downloaded the pocket program with the maps, list of guests, etc.
    My example (of my question) is on page 58 of the pocket program this year...if that will help you answer my question.
    Thanks again.

  3. Media guests are in the Walk of Fame for most of the hours it's open, with the only exceptions being panels, professional photos ops they have to attend, as well as the occasional food break. If they happen to not be there when you go to their table, there's usually a note indicating when they'll be back.

  4. Gotta question i was hoping you could answer. This will be my first Dragon-Con. I am going mainly for the bands(well everything is being planned around them) I was wondering is there anything special you need to get into the shows. Also, for bands like Voltaire and the Cruxshadows what time should i get to the room they are playing in to ensure that i actually get in and have a good spot? Thanks :)

  5. No you don't need anything special to get into the shows; your D*C badge gets you into all the concerts. Seeing how those are 2 of the most popular acts, I wouldn't be surprised to see people line up 2 hours before it starts (to get a good spot as you're wanting). Of course it's tricky to line up at night because the hallways are already crowded as it is, so you'll have to check with the security posted at the doors to see what their policy is... and just look around to see what other fans are doing.

  6. First Dragon*Con has come and gone and it was a blast. Your blog was pretty helpful. As far as getting into the Cruxshadows concert goes. I was the first in line to get in and it was well worth the long wait.

    Thanks alot :)