Monday, July 25, 2011

40 Days Update!

Well, we're under the 40 days mark now, and news keeps coming out each week. Here are some important updates:

1. The official Progress Report is out. If you pre-registered you'll receive it in the mail soon if you haven't already. However there is a PDF version available online.

2. There is a wonderful countdown series from The Unique Geek, updating with photos, articles, or podcasts all relating to Dragon*Con. I highly recommend some of the podcasts with track directors to get some valuable info. In fact, listening to the first one with the Senior Director of Programming definitely shed some light on things like how they bring in guests and some special events planned for this year in celebration of the 25th anniversary.

3. The Daily Dragon, a website dedicated to posting updates and schedule changes, is naturally more active these days. There are also more frequent installments of the Dragon*Con Newsletter. Check on them every now and then.

4. Both professional photographers have started posting pre-sales: Froggy's and Craig Damon.

5. I've said this before, but they're really pushing the fact that you need your barcode/ID to make the badge pick up process quick as possible. Even if you want to buy on site, you still need a code, and the main page has everything you'll need to know for it. As for transfers, August 3 is the last day to do it! I've also heard rumors that the parade may be capped, so no on site sign up. And security will be more vigilant about checking for badges to keep things from getting too crowded at night. Finally, I updated my previous post with a link to an updated list of this year's tentative track schedules as they're released.

Bonus tip, start prepping your body so you can minimize the chances of getting the "con crud." Start by sleeping regularly and making sure you get whatever hours you need to feel rested. Next, adopt a walking routine so your feet can be ready for the pounding and miles they'll look over the weekend. Also throw in some core work like planks and good mornings to strengthen your lower back and abdominals.

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