Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dragon*Con Documentary & Wrestling

About one week from now, local public broadcasting stations will start airing a documentary called Four Days at Dragon*Con, which was filmed on location in 2009. I've already seen it once and it is a great representation of the good folk that makeup the attendees. See this link for info on showing times, as well as where you can catch it in your area. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who's thinking about going in the future, as well as to con veterans.

Also one week from now, I will reach another life goal by attending Wrestlemania XXVII in person in Atlanta, GA. at the Georgia Dome. The event has stretched into a long weekend deal now, not unlike Dragon*Con. In fact, when you consider autograph sessions, Q&As, and live entertainment, WWE Fan Axxess is sort of like a convention too. I will probably write a short entry about my experiences there, especially if I can provide insight into how to plan for it for other wrestling fans who want to attend future Wrestlemanias.

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