Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Updates

When I first started this blog, I figured I would only make a few entries per year because of the lack of ideas for posts. However, I'm going to try to stick a new one entry per month format. Some of the future topics I have in mind are fitness and nutrition advice, a few more costume tutorials, Dragon*Con news updates, and my own stories from the con (inspired by the book Here Be Dragons: Tales of Dragon Con).

For this month, I'll talk about some con-related updates.

1. Barcode System - Looks like this is finally a reality. I received my blue confirmation post card at the beginning of the month, and there was a strip of barcode on there. In addition, there was a statement saying that it is now essential to bring that card with you to registration if you want a speedy process.

2. Site Updates - I linked each of my entries in the 3 part guide to one another for easier navigation. Also added a map of downtown Atlanta to the first entry so you can better decide on a hotel location.

3. Eternal Member - I haven't mentioned this option previously, but if you have the funds, you can buy an Eternal Membership. The major perks of getting it are: short registration line, access to the Guest hospitality suite on Thursday night, and of course a lifetime membership to the con. But the price you pay is very steep. As of today, it's $1500. When I first attended in 2008, the price was only half of that.

4. DCTV - Dragon*Con TV provides a fun way to pass the time as you're waiting for a panel to start at the con. Most of these shorts are spoofs on various sci-fi fandoms, whether it's a skit or in text format similar to that of Adult Swim. Plus most of the text ones have great music in the background! The DCTV website offers the videos for your viewing pleasure year round, so enjoy!

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